Cinematic Thoughts #5

“Should a film confuse the viewer?  Only if there’s a feeling of ‘reassurance’.

Should a film leave unanswered questions for the audience?  Only if it’s intentional.  How many would-be great films have been ruined by the refusal to ensure that the audience understands what they need to understand?  Any unanswered questions, then, are best clarified to the audience as ‘something you don’t need to know’.  Otherwise, you don’t have ‘ambiguity’.  You have confusion.”


2 thoughts on “Cinematic Thoughts #5

  1. Definitely some important incites here. I know by this you probably mean something like a conflicting story plot, but I think you also touched on the difficulty I have with very deep movies and TV shows. With too much information, it does get overwhelming, and thus… confusing.

    Great post!

    • I actually mean the point you brought up, in a sense. I mean when something happens in the film that is clearly meant to be an important plot point, but doesn’t have a rational context. If the audience leaves the film with the thought, “I don’t get it…”–the film has failed. It’s good for the audience to think, “That’s something interesting to think about!” It’s not good for them to think, “What the heck was THAT supposed to be about?”

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