Film Reviews & Articles

Herein are links to all my film reviews and articles for, a site now unfortunately ended.  The links are arranged from latest to earliest:

FlickRev’s Farewell:

John Wick:

“More Than The Movie”: Left Behind:


Gone Girl:

“Film Forecast”: October 2014:

“More Than The Movie”: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

A Walk Among The Tombstones:

“More Than The Movie”: Atlas Shrugged:

No Good Deed:


As Above, So Below:

“More Than The Movie”: Dys-Utopian Thrillers:

If I Stay:

“More Than The Movie”: The Expendables:

The Expendables 3:

The Hundred-Foot Journey:

Get On Up:

“Film Forecast”: August 2014:

“Snap Judgement”: Sin City 2:

“More Than The Movie”: Christopher Nolan

Sex Tape:

“More Than The Movie”: The Musical

Deliver Us From Evil:

Transformers: Age Of Extinction:

My thoughts on Michael Bay’s basic decline in film quality:

Jersey Boys:

The Fault In Our Stars:

A Million Ways To Die In The West:

“More Than The Movie”: The Western:

“More Than The Movie”: “Sequelitis”:

“Snap Judgement”: Earth To Echo:

“Film Forecast”: June 2014:



“More Than The Movie”: Reviews of Mom’s Night Out:

Godzilla (2014):

“More Than The Movie”: The Other Woman:

The Other Woman:

The Quiet Ones:

“More Than The Movie”: Captain America: The Winter Soldier:

“Film Forecast”: April 2014:

“More Than The Movie”: God’s Not Dead:

Paranormal Activity 4 1/2: The Marked Ones (2014):

Safe House (2012), starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington:


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