“Interactive” Project

Herein are my records of my in-class experience as we screened the interactive film “Late Fragment”.  Screenshots are from my real-time Facebook posts amid the screening.

Late Fragment 1Late Fragment 2Late Fragment 3Late Fragment 4As you can see, the experience as such was less than ideal for me.  I strongly suspect that a major reason for the frustrating nature of Late Fragment is that, well, the filmmakers bit off more than they could chew.  That is, they went too far in exploring the boundaries of interactive media–they simply did not have the technology to make such a concept truly feasible, let alone comprehensible.  (This assessment was made after I had time to “think things over”: as the above screenshots indicate, I initially suspected the filmmakers were presuming to play a cruel joke on the viewer, by driving them insane with the complete lack of coherence and structure in their mind-game’s “rules”.)


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